Homebuilt Aerodynamics and Flight Testing

The first part of this book is especially of interest for airplane homebuilders and engineers who want to know more about the basic aerodynamics of their airplanes. Because homebuilt airplanes rarely fit into a standard template, many different configurations are evaluated. If you are planning to build or fly an experimental airplane, read this book first to become familiar what you can expect in terms of flying characteristics. It covers gliders, singles and twins with piston engines. The second part of the book deals with flight testing the finished airplane. Even if you have no prior knowledge to flight testing, you will find the maneuvers and procedures well explained. This book will take you from first flight through performance and flying qualities testing, it includes all the tests required of certified airplanes in addition to some other tests which can help you to get to know your airplane better. Only the normal instrumentation and some simple devices are required for the tests. Suggestions are included to solve problems with airplane performance or flying qualities. 128 pages, over 70 illustrations, by Sonja Englert
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