Flight Guides

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AFE 2022 UK VFR Flight Guide - spiral bound £27.95

The 2022 edition of the UK VFR Flight Guide will contain around 530 airfields fully described – 400 more than some other UK flight guides. There are also additional listings for another 450 flying sites. The 2022 UK VFR Flight Guide features professionally drawn airfield maps up to 40% bigger than those of competing flight guides; the highest standards of accuracy and clarity and a logical, standardised, layout of information to present at a glance all the information a pilot needs both for pre-flight planning and in the cockpit.

Pooley's UK Flight Guide 2022 Edition - spiral bound - now available £28.50


The Pooleys 2022 United Kingdom Flight Guide illustrated in FULL COLOUR. It sets the standard in aeronautical information and presentation. Published annually and produced with the assistance of the Civil Aviation Authority, this guide is produced by and with the support of aviators across the UK.