SELECTION OF BOOKS including technical books

Title Price Description
Waterbird - Wings over Windermere £14.99

This book tells the story of two aeroplanes. The first Waterbird, which flew more that 60 flights on Windermere, set in motion the production of seaplanes used in WW1. The story of the second Waterbird, the replica, is equally fascinating, telling the story of the many challenges resulting in a 13 year programme from dream to reality.


Fans of Arthur's dry wit will welcome another addition to his highly popular series. His depth of knowledge and the unbounded enthusiasm with which he approaches each book gives us a unique insight into the escapades of entrepreneurs and heroes in the early days of flying.

Flying On Your Own Wings £28.00

In FLYING ON YOUR OWN WINGS, Mr. Heintz shares his knowledge and insights into the art and science of light aircraft design. Truly a beginner’s guide to everything you need to know in order to achieve that age-old dream: To fly on your own wings!

PROPELLERHEAD - by Antony Woodward £12.00

Imagine Nick Hornby mixed with Jeremy Clarkson, throw in an initially reluctant flyer, and you get 'Propellerhead'! Hilarious, engaging, petrifying, eccentric, daring and full of incident, Antony Woodward's account of his introduction to to aviation, and his journey to becoming a pilot, will touch a chord with all flyers.

De Havilland Tiger Moth (1931-1945). £12.99

The de Havilland Tiger Moth biplane is an iconic and instantly recognisable aircraft. The authors take a close look at the construction of the Tiger Moth, acquiring and restoring an example, owning and flying one, and the engineer's view of keeping it all running and airworthy.


In 1945, Britain was the world's leading designer and builder of aircraft. It is the story of great and charismatic machines and the men who flew them: heroes such as Bill Waterton, Neville Duke, John Derry and Bill Beaumont who took inconceivable risks, so that we could fly without a second thought.
300 pages, inc 12 pages of b&w photos.

Aircraft Welding £25.00

This is a high quality facsimile of Aircraft Welding by Colonel Rollen H. Drake, originally published in 1947. This book contains all the information and instruction needed to fulfill the welding requirements for an aircraft mechanic's license in 1947.

Sheet Metal Handbook £25.00

Imagine transforming a flat sheet of aluminum alloy into an attractive hood scoop. Or designing & making your own aluminum wheel tubs, floorpan and dashboard. How about learning to design & build your own body panels, manifolds, brackets & fuel tanks? These are just a few of the many tips and techniques shared by master metal craftsman Ron Fournier.

Avionics for the Pilot £25.00

An introduction to navigational and radio systems for aircraft.
This work provides a fundamental overview of the principles and operation of many instruments and aids found aboard all types and sizes of aeroplane.
The author, Joe Johnston, has worked in maintenance engineering for a leading international airline for over twenty years.


With over 30 years experience as an Autogyro pilot, author Dave Organ has used his knowledge to produce a concise and easy to read book that covers all aspects of this little known form of Sport Flying.

Owning and Operating Your Own aircraft £20.00

The dream of every new private pilot is to buy an aircraft and be free from the restrictions of renting a plane from the local flying school or club.
However, it can be a daunting task to actually achieve the dream. This new Airlife book which includes valuable Appendices provides a blueprint for any aspiring aircraft owner. 164 pages, illustrated with b&w photographs throughout.

Alternative Engines £50.00

Compiled by Mick Myal. Extensive 300 page volume, which covers, in 50 chapters, all aspects of converting auto engines. Well written with many helpful ideas, and filled with specs, diagrams, photos and plans. Too much detail to list here, so phone if you need more specific information!

Aviation Mechanic Handbook £24.00

Handy reference guide for aircraft builders, mechanics, owners and pilots, supplying much info critical to maintaining an aircraft. Amongst other subjects, looks at tools, solid state electrical systems, fabrication, mathematics, physical and chemical properties, corrosion detection and control, and drawings. Spiral-bound, 350+ pages.


With more than a little nostalgia for the days when flying was still an adventure that anyone could participate in and the sky was not restricted and controlled as it is today, the author presents to us one of the original participants in that adventure.
Large-format softback, illustrated with more than 150 b&w photographs.

Supermarine Spitfire - Owners' Workshop Manual - Hardback £25.00

An insight into owning, restoring, servicing and flying Britain's legendary World War II fighter. Well illustrated in B&W/colour.

Why don't you put a little engine in it? By Keith Nurcombe £14.99

A broad view of flying for fun as an enthusiastic amateur, with sixty unforgettable years to help paint the picture, look at the future and explore the possibilities

Conventional Gear - Flying a Taildragger £18.00

The author, David Robson, has been flying taildraggers for forty-five years, and puts his vast experience to excellent use in this book. Beginning with the theory and dynamics of the tail wheel airplane to look at specfic taildraggers, such as Austers, Tiger Moths, Pitts etc, with pilots' accounts of memorable flights.


These days anybody can build his or her own aeroplane in their garage or shed. But back in the 1930s it was a different story. In this fascinating and unique book all of the Practical Mechanics home-built aircraft articles are reprinted just as they were published from the Flying Flea to the LA.4a Minor.

Standard Aircraft Handbook £26.00

8th edition, by Larry Reithmaier. Definitive 'nuts and bolts' reference manual containing a wealth of information, this revised classic features co-ordinated step-by-step procedures for riveting, drilling, bolts and fasteners, tools, electrical wiring, reading drawings, non-destructive testing, bending, forming and fabricating, and much more. 292 pages.

CHASING THE MORNING SUN, by Manuel Queiroz £18.00

Years ago Manuel Queiroz declared his intention to fly solo around the world. Having just beaten cancer, he was buoyed by the recent brush with mortality and ready to take on a life-changing goal. He fulfilled his ultimate dream and Chasing the Morning Sun is the exhilarating story of his record-breaking journey.

Return to the Skies - Beagle Pup Prototype - G-AVDF £14.99

This is the story of a little light aeroplane, its journey from a bright idea in the mind of a visionary, to the realisation of that idea as a quite brilliant, but expensive to produce, light aircraft. By Anne Hughes and Andy Amor.

A Wing and a Chair by David Sykes £20.00

After a catastrophic motorcycle accident in 1993, Dave Sykes was left a paraplegic and wheelchair bound. 7 years later, he found himself missing the thrill of the road and looked to the sky. After 3 years flying, Dave came up with a plan – to fly unaided from York, England to Sydney, Australia.

The Lympne Trials £16.00

Searching for an Ideal Light Plane by Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Kitplane Construction - NEW 3rd Edition £40.00

Featuring new and classic kitplane designs, this proven bestseller is the most current and comprehensive resource available on choosing, building, and flying homebuilt planes. Kit Airplane Construction uses step-by-step instructions and detailed case studies of kitplane models to give amateur plane builders the knowledge needed to create and fly their own aircraft.

Design of Wood Aircraft Structures - ANC 18 £22.00

Produced for both civil and military use by the US Dept of Defense, this manual is divided into three sections, designed as a whole to give an overview of wood aircraft construction. The 234 pages are full of technical data, tables, graphs, charts, diagrams etc.

S.E.5 Owners' Workshop Manual : Haynes £25.00

This rakish fighter became known as the 'mount of aces', being the type on which the most successful fighter pilots of Britain and her Empire went to war throughout the last 18 months of World War 1. It was the Spitfire of the Western Front: delivering greater speed, range, firepower and all-round performance than the vast majority of its opposition.

Understanding Aircraft Structures - 4th Edition £32.00

This book explains aircraft structures so as to provide a basic understanding of the subject and the terminology used, as well as illustrating some of the problems.

Enjoy the Sky £5.00

The story of a Homebuilt Aeroplane by Robert Lowe. A Popular Flying publication, compiled and edited by Alan Dunn, Mike Grigson and Laurie Mansfield.
1st Edition printed April 1997. This is a photocopy of the original publication.

A Century of British Aeroplanes £28.00

A Century of British Aeroplanes in Old Photographs
By Arthur W. J. G. Ord-Hume

Simplified Aircraft Design for Homebuilders £45.00

Dan Raymer's excellent manual is an ideal first book on airplane design, combining professional experience with directness, clarity of expression and the benefit of contemporary technological developments. All aspects ofdesign are examined, including loading, sizing, geometry, lofting, aerodynamics, propulsion,stability, take-off, speed, range etc. Fully illustrated throughout, annotated and indexed.