FOR KIDS : Books, Top Trump cards and clothing

Title Price Description
Kids T-shirts : OUT OF STOCK - MORE ON THE WAY!!! £12.50

Kids "I love Aeroplanes" red t-shirt

Ages : 2-3, 5-6, 7-8

Top Trumps Cards - Who's The Fastest : Disney Planes £12.00

Let your little one take to the skies with the Disney Planes Top Trumps Card Game! This classic card game takes the fun of Disney Planes and brings it straight to your home. Have a blast playing with family and friends while testing your Disney Planes knowledge. So grab your cards and get ready for some high-flying fun!

Horrible Histories - Up in the Air £10.00

History's most horrible headlines: In-Flight edition. Packed with hair-raising stories from animals in parachutes to a stunt pilot's 'dance of death'. Uncover all the foul facts about fearless flyers, batty balloonists and more!

An Airfield Adventure Puzzle Book £2.00

This little book is filled with fun puzzles and activities to help you learn more about this amazing place and earn you Airfield Adventurer Licence!

Produced by the Light Aircraft Association Ltd - Designed by Ursula Hurst.

Price £2.00.

Fun Origami for children £8.50

12 paper planes and other flying objects to fold for fun plus all the paper you need to make them.

100 Paper Planes To Fold & Fly £10.00

Includes fighter planes to robots, dragons and sharks. This title features instructions on how to fold and throw the planes.

Colouring Book for Kids £7.50

Aimed at the 2-6 age group, this innovative book applies the Haynes treatment to some of television's most popular children's characters. Inspired by the world-famous Haynes Manuals, this book explains how Bob the Builder's friends - machines such as Scoop, Muck, Roley and Lofty - work and how they help Bob to get the job done. Complete with fascinating cutaway drawings, this brightly designed book will delight children and parents alike.
Hardback, 270 x 210mm, 80 colour illustrations