Converted Auto Engines for permit aircraft

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Converted Auto Engines for permit aircraft

Postby DShewan » Wed Jan 30, 2019 1:07 pm

Has anyone out there looked at the viability of using a converted auto engine like those available from Aeromomentum or Viking Engines in the US? These converted engines seem to be fairly common in the States and firewall forward packages are available for these from several kit manufacturers. I'm not aware of any flying in the UK but I'm sure that someone out there will have looked into using such a motor for their project. Any feedback would be welcome.
Derek Shewan
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Re: Converted Auto Engines for permit aircraft

Postby ROB. THOMASSON » Wed Apr 24, 2019 6:07 am

I played around with motorbike engines for microlights a while back and they always came out a lot heavier than you would expect despite being all aluminium. Subaru conversions appear to have died the death over here despite being a flat 4. The Honda conversion does not have a good reputation either. VW engines are a known conversion but don't tend to go much over 60 hp I gather the problem is flexing of the crankcase at higher rpm unless someone here can correct me. Corvette engines are fairly common in America at 350 hp but that's a bit high for most LAA designs.
I have a friend in the USA who may know more and I've emailed him for the lowdown on conversions rather than the advertising hype
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