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Postby Greg Stokes » Thu Sep 09, 2010 10:09 am

Posted on behalf of Phil Perry:

"Hi folks,

Just a quick note to thank all aircrews who flew in to the AB Wings + Wheels day on Aug 30th. We had a total of 314 movements, of which 238 were visiting aircraft. We had NO near misses ( That I could see anyway ) no punch - ups regarding airmanship or lack of..... and everyone had a great day. The activity began at around 0830 on Monday, with an X'Air flown by Ken Seedhouse from Otherton opening the visiting aircraft stream. There was a short lull, and then it started. I have NEVER been so busy on the radio in my entire life, regrettably, I also had to take PPR telephone calls from pilots wishing to fly in, so it started to get busy. By 0930 we had a contant stream of incoming aircraft, at one stage we had a total of eighteen machines between long downwind and short final for the single runway. Now if you imagine all the different performance levels of these machines, from early model 2 stroke flexwings to an Antonov AN 2, it was a delight to see how everyone spaced themselves out in such a manner that we only had six "Go arounds" over the entire day !! This speaks volumes for the professionalism shown by the visiting pilots. We did, I admit have a little problem with marshalling, as I had no direct contact with the marshalls by radio, but these guys and gals stepped in at short notice to help out and did a remarkable job, with only two of them having receive capabilty on scanners fot the radio frequency used, ie Abbotts Brom Safetycom 135.475.

We also had a slight problem with the West side of the runway stubble not being rolled flat, wich restricted parking availability, and backtracking departing aircraft was a bit of a nightmare as I couldn't see the far end of 05 as it undulates like a switchback.....

I would like to place this accolade on the LAA forum also, but since I am not a member of that organisation, I am not allowed access even to thank their members, of which I know there were many. If any LAA members read this, Please copy / paste it on my behalf.

We hope to learn from this year, and provide an elevated radio observation post, and have marshalls all equipped with radio for the 2011 event, which we are planning to hold over TWO DAYS, so that pilots may fly in and camp overnight if they wish, with entertainment on the Sunday evening provided.

Thank you all for your skill and good temper, you are all welcome to return in 2011

Phil Perry ( radio operator )"

I'm sure everyone who attended will agree this was the best wings'n'wheels event of the year. Thanks to all the organisers, exhibitors and 'Mr Radio' Phil for a great day out. The weather was perfect as an added bonus!


* Edited to add:
If you attended, there's a good chance of finding a photo of your own aircraft here:

or here:
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Postby Nigel Hitchman » Thu Sep 09, 2010 9:10 pm

Thanks to Phil for all his hard work at the fly-in. I went and had a great time, really good event, helped by the great weather, seemed well organised to me, ie enough organisation but not too much! Hope to come again next year, weather, days off and other event clashes permitting!!

It would be good to have someone else anwering the phone, as I almost didnt come because I couldnt get an answer and didnt know if it was strict PPR with a detailed briefing, or just turn up!
Maybe something on a website?

Good display of old car and bikes for anyone that wasnt happy just looking around all the interesting aircraft and apparently if you got there early enough, there was "free" food and drink (in exchange for your entry donation), so someone who came by road told me!

well done to all involved!
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