Jodel short strip capability

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Jodel short strip capability

Postby bryanrawlings » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:45 am

My local 590m grass strip is being shortened to 400m. (Part belongs to a different farmer). Too short for my PA28-161, which I have sold :cry: . I now have hangar space and need a short field aircraft to replace my PA28. Looking at taildraggers (would have to do type conversion, but look forward to the challenge). Was advised to look at Jodels, which really appeal to me. Went to see a DR1050 but told 400m too short for it. Reading forums, some say D150 will fly from 300m (and looks like a really great plane!), but another Jodel flyer says it’s not much different to DR1050.

The strip (Clutton Hill) has a moderate slope uphill to the West with no obstruction - in fact drops off at the end into a deep valley. To the East (downhill) a fence will be built, but otherwise clear. The grass is regularly cut short. I note that the D150 has a huge fuel capacity, so that could be reduced to fly lighter from the strip. I want to be able to fly with 2 POB, but also to be able to fly on my own without help (so need electric starter). I heard that there is a good D150 for sale. What to do??? Would value any advice, please.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby John Dean » Sun Jun 10, 2018 10:13 am

Sorry but I can't give you any ideas on how a Jodel D150 would operate from 400m but I operated a D120 from a 380m strip for many years along with two D117s and two up was no problem.

You have to be careful with how much weight you carry and be extremely accurate with your speed over the hedge when landing but apart from that the small Jodels make excellent short strip aircraft. Not sure about landing with a moderate downhill slope though.

If you need an electric starter then it is as well to know that most D112s don't have one.
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John Dean
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby bryanrawlings » Sun Jun 10, 2018 9:04 pm

Thanks John, that is very useful info. At least I know now that some Jodels would suit my purpose - the D117 and the D120. I will look into the spec of those types, and also see if there are any for sale. Which did you prefer, the D120 or the D117? Would still be interested to know if anyone has experience of a D150 on a 400m strip.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby John Price » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:38 pm


John Price
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby C Rule » Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:07 pm

How about a Super Stol
or a Groppo Trail
Colin Rule
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby Trevor Bates » Mon Jun 18, 2018 8:14 am

Hi I fly a 1050 out of 450mtr strip ,recently flew 2 pob Wrexham to Amiens 4 1/2 hrs fuel plus baggage.400mtr with good approaches,would be ok ,but you would have to watch the weight.having flown and owned a few as said the 120 ,117 are good,the D150 does not in my opinion climb or lift as well as a 1050,however I am obviously biased,hope this helps Trevor.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby flightfantastic » Wed Jun 27, 2018 4:36 pm

I operate a Jodel 1050 from a grass strip. I can get in within 450 m about 99 times out of a hundred without braking, including with a full load. In a Jodel, if you can get in you'll always get out. If I land longer than usual I just trundle slowly across a path onto a 250 metre "overshoot area" :) . Taking off from the 250m "overshoot area" is never a problem, I'm always airbourne before the path. Last time I landed a few metres across the path it was hot, no wind and serious turbulence on the approach over the adjacent solar farm. I was working so hard to keep control that I wasn't worried about missing the usual aiming point! I would not like to operate regularly from a 400m strip, and I have 15 years experience on the 1050. It would be too hard on the nerves having so little room for error on every landing.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby martc » Thu Jul 12, 2018 4:59 pm

We operate a Jodel D150 (Mascaret). Its a long range tourer /2 seat heavy lifter. 175 litres in three tanks (over 8 hours @ 17-18ltrs per hour). 300kg load capability. Can pretty much fill it with fuel and 2 passengers plus camping gear and tools and stay within MTOW. Difficult if impossible to get out of W&B. Beg to differ on the comparison with the (4 seat) 1050 which the D150 is based on, suggest that the Mascaret has slightly better overall performance, we regularly tour with friends with a 1050 and have to slow down slightly in the climb /cruise for them to maintain station. This is probably all dependent on the individual aircraft as of course Jodels are ALL individual. They are short field aircraft, 400m is definitely doable, but not at full fuel loading /weight. The recent high temperatures had significant effect on our performance. We just about scraped the hedge at the end of a 550m grass strip with full baggage load, 2 up and two thirds fuel (105 litres = 5 hours), but the OAT was 30 degrees+ and nil wind. We have been in and out of Lundy which is 400m (humped in middle) comfortably with similar loading, standard temperatures and light headwind. One up and with a light fuel /baggage load they positively leap off the ground in probably 250-300m. Landing within 400m ideally without obstructions on approach is fine with braking, but as said above, not much margin to get it wrong.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby WBerry » Thu Oct 11, 2018 10:25 pm

All Jodels are personal, my D120A for example has a cruise prop. So don't forget the prop, it makes a huge difference. Love the airbrakes though.

Getting out of Netherthorpe, warm day, fully loaded, nil wind (but dry short grass), 490m TODA. Got out just about but I've never been so close to the opposite numbers, and that included the rolling start.

But zero problem getting in, so you just have to test fly it (on a long strip).
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby markdesmond » Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:24 am

I have a D120 which I operate from a 550m grass strip, no flaps and no airbrake no problem. At mauw of 650 kg off in about half that length and airborne at 35 kts indicated. Back in again without using the wheel brakes and stopped at just over half length.
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Re: Jodel short strip capability

Postby Alan Kilbride » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:27 pm

I own a D117 and it is a good short strip aircraft.
At MAW it easily takes off in 350 metres in any conditions experienced last summer.
At the standard 1013.2, 15c and nil wind, I am usually flying in 200-250 metres. I also have a coarse prop.
If you are interested in a Jodel, as with all aircraft find someone with reasonable experience and have a go.
As a CRI/LAA coach I absolutely recommend the LAA tailwheel course and not just a few circuits and signature from an instructor with low hours on tailwheel
. I have seen the results of both.
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