Around the world in two gyros

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Around the world in two gyros

Postby tnowak » Tue Jun 11, 2019 6:11 pm

James Ketchell took off from Popham approx. one month ago to fly around the world in his gyro.
He is accompanied by one other gyro and they are currently in Alaska having flown east across Russia.
This is his website and links to some truly amazing videos:
The video of the crossing of the Bering Straits is superb.

This is his GPS tracker website:

Beats the burger run to Sandown!

Tony Nowak
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Re: Around the world in two gyros

Postby Chris Martyr » Wed Jun 12, 2019 7:00 am

Crikey ,,,,He's a bit of a boy old James isn't he ? Especially when you see on his website all the other things he's done... 8)
Probably not the sort of guy you'd find doing clerical work in an office then !.. :D

A bit of a pity that so few seem to come on here , as I found the link to his website quite fascinating reading .

tnowak wrote:Beats the burger run to Sandown!


Yes but we only say this coz we're 'flyers' ourselves Tony . I love jumping into my aeroplane and bimbling off to Sandown for the day . It only comes into context when someone from the non-flying community asks ; "what you've been up to today then". They're often quite amazed when you reply that you've flown down to the I.o.W. taken a walk into Shanklin , had a nice seafood lunch , had a walk by the sea and then flown home again .

I can sit and spend an hour just gazing contentedly at Culver cliff . But I suspect that James has a slightly lower threshold of boredom than I have . :lol:
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