Beware: Annex II aircraft and EASA licences!!!

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Beware: Annex II aircraft and EASA licences!!!

Postby Peter Hayward » Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:38 pm

For those pilots who fly Annex II aircraft - and I assume that most users of this forum do - you need to be aware of the implications of converting to an EASA-LAPL or PPL.

I recently wrote to the CAA regarding flying Annex II aircraft outside UK airspace on such licences. Here is the reply:

You can operate a UK Registered (G) Annex II designated aeroplane within a class rating on a UK CAA issued EU Part-FCL licence (LAPL(A) or PPL(A)). However, as the LAPL(A) is not an ICAO compliant licence you cannot at present operate into European Airspace only UK airspace.

If you hold a UK CAA issued EU Part-FCL PPL(A), which is an ICAO compliant licence at present you cannot operate a non UK Registered (ie German – D, French – F or Netherland – PH etc) Annex II designated aeroplanes in UK or EU airspace. Neither can the holder of a EU Part-FCL licence issued by another EU Member State in a UK Registered (G) Annex II aeroplanes.

This issue is being discussed within EASA and the European Commission, as previous ICAO privileges seem to have been removed for non-EASA aircraft (ie Annex II).

I'm personally affected by this ruling, because it means that if I convert to either licence I'm no longer allowed to fly my old Glastar G-ETCW (which is now on the German register as D-ETCW) when I visit Germany. I'm sure it will affect many other pilots who fly on the continent, and also those who wish to import homebuilt aircraft which are on a foreign registry.

These new rulings have clearly withdrawn a privilege which we have enjoyed for many years, indicating that a thorough impact assessment has not been carried out.

For some light entertainment, read ... nge_v3.pdf. It's a CAA presentation on EASA licences and indicates the lack of clarity in the CAA's thought procedures. If you can understand it, a translation would be most welcome.
Peter Hayward
Peter Hayward
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Re: Beware: Annex II aircraft and EASA licences!!!

Postby Cookie » Sun Dec 30, 2012 5:31 pm

Dear Peter,

Many thanks for posting the information you have obtained from the CAA.

I have separated the following response into two: Each has a specific Aircraft, Licence, Location.

G-reg Annex II aircraft, Part-FCL LAPL, abroad
We have been aware of, and are working on resolving the issue of using a LAPL with Annex II aircraft abroad. Agreement is required in each country within EASA to recognise the LAPL for use with Annex II aircraft since the licence is sub-ICAO licence, and the aircraft is non-EASA. We spotted this at an early stage, and as a result the CAA have included this in the Air Navigation Order.

Foreign registered Annex II aircraft, Part-FCL PPL, UK airspace
Using an ICAO licence with Annex II in the UK, I believe, is permitted by ANO Article 61 & 62. The answer you have received seems to contradict this; would you be kind enough to forward a copy of your original e-mail as the answer provided by the CAA may relate to detail which has been omitted from the published response.

Importantly, there is no rush to exchange your licence for an EASA licence, as you have until April 2015.

Happy New Year,

Jon Cooke
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