Looking for an LAA aircraft

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Looking for an LAA aircraft

Postby malcnorth » Sat Jul 08, 2017 6:59 pm

Hi All,

not sure if I'm on the right forum here. I'd like to ask about my options on choice of type of LAA type to complete a licence renewal, taildragger conversion and then used for touring. Although I will consider trigear.

I don't have the time available to build from scratch but would consider a repair/refurb or kit completion.

I have seen aircraft like the tecnam P92 with a Jabiru 2200 but I'm unsure of the track record on that engine? Is there anywhere I can get W&B details to confirm it will lift me and a passenger OK (I'm a bit heavy currently but losing weight) ?

I have also seen a Murphy rebel but was a little concerned that it had older radios, avionics fit and whether that would mean I'm likely to get a large bill for upgrading after purchase? The Rebel does seem to fit with what I want to do (Grass strips, taildragger and a reasonable speed for touring).

Is this something I can get an inspector to help me with? and can I complete my renewel in it?

Thanks for any help you can offer.
Malcolm North
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Re: Looking for an LAA aircraft

Postby Brian Hope » Mon Jul 10, 2017 6:50 am

Hi Malcolm, I'm sure a Rebel would fit the bill as a tourer, 75% cruise speed is quoted as being in the 90 - 120 range depending on engine ( Rotax 912 being the smallest and a 150hp Lycoming biggest). The quoted useful load is very good too, around 700lbs plus, which is good for a two-seater. There's a lot of info on the Murphy website about the aircraft,
If you own a permit aircraft you will be able to pay for tuition in it. Your best bet would be getting an LAA Coach to help you with your tailwheel and type conversion/licence re-validation.
What kit an aircraft has in it should be reflected in the price. You can do an awful lot of touring with a radio and a GPS - I'd go for a tablet and SkyDemon. If the radio needs up-grading to 8.33 you're looking at from £1000 up for a panel mount, get some knowledgeable LAA guys to help with installation, you don't have to use a maintenance organisation, it can be signed off by an LAA inspector. A handheld wired into the aircraft's electrics and using an external antenna works fine and will only set you back about £300.
A transponder is certainly a help when touring but is not an absolute must have if you want to defray costs for a while. Get a Mode S with ADS-B (pretty well any new one) when you are ready, about £1500 and up.
So Malcolm, you definitely are at the right place, the LAA can certainly work for you if you let it, seek out fellow members at strips and airfields in you area and join the local Strut, make new friends and contacts who can help. Get a good local inspector who will offer advice, help and guidance, and then enjoy affordable flying and the freedoms of aircraft ownership.
Good luck with whatever you choose to buy and fly.
Brian Hope
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Re: Looking for an LAA aircraft

Postby malcnorth » Mon Jul 10, 2017 3:49 pm

Thank you Brian, that helps a lot. So much has changed since I last flew.

I managed to get along to the Fly-in at Heveningham this weekend, it was great to see so many LAA types.
Malcolm North
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Re: Looking for an LAA aircraft

Postby Paul Lowry » Wed Jul 12, 2017 7:24 am


Would you be interested in a part built Kitfox Seven kit? It has options for a tailwheel or trigear both included in the kit. I am selling due to relocation so if you are interested please contact me.


Paul. :)
Paul Lowry
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