I would like to help - BUT (Air Ambulance)

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I would like to help - BUT (Air Ambulance)

Postby r_w_walker » Mon Jul 02, 2018 3:20 pm

South Moor Farm Air Strip Donations.

The following pledge appears near the end of my appeal.

"Funds received which are not required will be shared between the Yorkshire Air Ambulance and other air fields which are threatened by planners whims.

If I successfully obtain planning permission I will donate £1000 per year to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance .

It is currently costing £1000 per year to park my aircraft at another airfield and travel to and from the airfield by car."

Thank you ANONYMOUS wrapped bank note arrived safely!

I now realize some supporters are not happy giving personal and bank details online and prefer to remain anonymous.

If that describes you but you would like to help:-

Wrap a bank note in blank A4 paper put it into a brown envelope and post it to me. If you want any of the rewards on offer include a nickname or other identifier and claim the reward when you visit. Free tea, coffee and biscuits available for all donations.

You can visit Dalby Forest on Foot, Bike, Horse or Car but not in your aircraft - yet. See our Website if you do not want to pay the £9 charge in Dalby Forest.

R W Walker,
South Moor Farm,
Dalby Forest Drive,
Langdale End,
YO13 0LW
Robert Walker
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